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we just love giving back !

We are a unique bakery that bakes goods in a variety of healthier alternatives. A portion of each cookie sold at Snackeys supports a local community cause. Our goodies not only taste good , they make you feel good too ! 

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of the environment 

Recycle, Reuse, and Refuse is the motto we follow being a producer of waste. We are currently working on becoming an Environmentally Friendly Bakery in order to limit our Carbon Foot Print on the earth. Do you want to know what your foot print is ? 

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goals & social responsibility 
Our Vision is to become the Baking Disruptors of the Silicon Valley ! We plan to achieve this goal by educating and baking.  Do you have an idea or an event bringing awareness to a cause?  If so click below, Miss Snackey would love to hear from you. 
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donating to causes 

We donate our baked goods to the local chapter of 

Tzu Chi Foundation 

If you have any food donations and would like to volunteer please 

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